Let yourself

Marigold sunset

An incredible red, rosy as your venomous lips.

Parting to greet whatever sickness you allow,

Inhale toxicity, exhale plasticity.

You are a doll, imprinted with needle point.

Loathing the animosity you appoint,

To every fair fighting soldier that crosses you.

They are willing and they are true

As pure and remarkable as the sky blue.

There is no need to disarm your own bomb of a heart;

Instead, let it free like a flow chart.

Linear and lucid, you are a clear open map

Don’t let yourself be conquered, but beware of the trap:

To let yourself weave your own web but in the end be a fly

Desperate for liberation’s sweetness, but wondering why

You never let someone treat you right. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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