Let There be Light

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 21:08 -- kryztl


United States
36° 50' 7.1916" N, 119° 53' 35.124" W

You thought you could escape.
You will suffer as I have suffered.
I am not what I was, I am what I will be.
You will never respond.

I am pain, I am torment.
I am death, I am darkness.
Nightmares are my domain.

Down to the darkness of death.
Roving, questioning, where is the light?
Moving, flowing, dimming the light, the color.

Let there be light never will the darkness win.
Never will the clouds cover my sun.
There must be light for the dark.
Never will pain become my life.

Dimming the light; I will fight this to the end.
Without the light the dark disappears.
Let there be light.


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