Let the Show Begin

Backstage, hidden behind a red velvet curtain, lies our nation’s corruption and hypocrisy.

In the performance we give out to the rest of the world we are portrayed as the country with the ideal democracy.

The country to welcome, love and accept all.

The country to take action when we begin to hear our earth call.

We are seen as the country that no matter the race, gender, or wealth we all have the same privilege.

The country that supposedly shared a special feast with the natives for the celebration of the American pilgrimage.

The country to work alongside to solve issues with the rest of the world in unity.

The country is known to have a tremendous amount of money, but with humility.


But what is known to be the world's most powerful country, has a curtain. A beautifully embroidered scarlet red velvet curtain. A curtain magnificent enough to silence the crowd, to keep them waiting. Intrigue them in a way filled with admiration. The curtains lift up. The show begins. And the world watches, with wonder in their eyes. The actors follow their scripts and give the audience what they want them to see. The act repeats day after day. And each time the audience is held in rapture. Thunders of claps and gasps react to the drama on display. But wayyy deep in the back there is a dark reality. After the seats are emptied, the plain background curtain lifts and a jumbled mess is left. This is our reality.


We are the country with the world’s highest incarceration rates. 

Perpetually Popping People into Prison faster than we can count. 

The country that is only 4.4% of the world population, but houses 22% of the world's prisoners. 

The country that profits from the bombings of thousands of people in Yemen.

The country that pulled parents away from their children because they’re an alien.

The country that demolished 95% of the Native American population.

The country that is stuffing thousands of people in detention camps, increasing concentration. 

The country where police officers get away with the murder of innocent black men. 

The country with grave issues, therefore has a president as a tweeting comedian. 

The country with an incredibly unjust and segregated education system.

The country where the biggest corporations in the world control the majority of wealth and pay minimal taxes, yet they’re the victim.

The country that barely has any news coverage on the forest fires in the Amazon.

The country where 39,000 people died last year from simply a handgun.

The country that could potentially be helping problems in this nation and the world, but would rather be spending 54% , 54% of the country’s discretionary spending on military 


Our hope as a country should be to clear up the confusion and corruption. Creating a scene that depicts the reality of America as not only beautiful and diverse, but to teach our nation’s destruction. Guiding the new generations to uncover the unknown. To not cover up our country’s incredible mistakes with a spectacular show. To lift up the grand curtain for there to be news we actually need to know. God Bless America.

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