Let the Night Change You

Oh ,wicked fiends
Those of our nightly legends 
I now understand your enchanted dreams
Those howls you screech to the heavens
My blood runs fast and hot
The moon singing it's silent song to me
I feel my very soul twist to an excited knot
The moon has set me free
Oh,  now we share this haunted night
You creatures of dreams and shadows
And I can't help but have a heart so light
You creatures have hidden away my sorrows
So now I'll stay here with you
In this drunken, euphoric night
Howling and screaming what we find true
In accordance to our insane right
To my world of light I bid farewell
For I belong truly in your band so nightly
Unsurprised by how easily  I fell
For I belong with  dark beasts whose moon shines brightly



Beautiful - I will definitely return to this poem many times.


Thank you!

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