Let Me Be


I don't do well in groups...

I don't work well with others,


I don't care for your type....

Don't expect me to respect you, I don't believe in your social strife,

We may have to work together for this project but I haven't forgotten,

You said you wanted something different, I was that, but your turn back to your "old friends" 

That's well and fine, I tried, its true, But dont mistake my caring for admiration of you

See I know worth when I see it, I wont waste my time, 

Do speak, don't wave, I've found someone worth it

So let me be

You limit yourself to what people see, 

Objectifying yourself and others but now look at me 

Im better than him, but I'm going somewhere too

I do well in school, regardless if its cool, no matter she loves me more than you ever would

I want whats real, you want whats new, 

Its all good, So when I say I don't need more friends, I'm not lieing

Keep on your downward spiral, I will pray but, you dont warrant crying..

I don't care for your type, you don't see like I see

So let me be


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