Let The Flames Begin

Mon, 11/05/2012 - 10:37 -- rad0713


United States
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All we became

A broken, vulnerable world

Fragmented memories, desires, a spark

Going around in circles we twirl

Put my everything into this dream

Let the sparks turn into a fire, burn

Grasp everyone around it

Teach them, and they will learn

We will dance and shout with jubilee

Becoming kings and queens

Yelling out with resonance

Smile and just scream

Take our flaws, use them as weapons

As hard as it will be

Regret is inevitable,

Getting past it is the key

Every problem I’ve ever faced,

Has an everlasting meaning

There’s promise in their worth

That’s the reason we’re singing

We will dance, and sing

Rejoicing in this day

They can’t take our dreams

Even if they take everything else away

Strip us of everything

Go ahead, steal our pride

You can never take this joy

That’s brewing inside

I will stand firm on his promises

Until my last breath

I will go beyond others doubts

I would even face death

Praise him brothers and sisters

For death he has overcome

Covered our faults

And with him we become

Brand new people,

With a hope and a passion

Things of this world may go out of style

But God is always the latest fashion(poems go here)



yes i know that this poem was also on a site called writers cafe. that is another site that I post my poetry on.

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