Lessons From the Sky

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 08:22 -- Kessler

Foolish rains,
why do you fall
from the heavens up above?
Why abandon your seat
in the endless skies
Is such freedom not enough?

Childish winds,
why run so fast
it seems to be a waste?
For if I lived
your life of ease
I would shun such reckless haste.

Sluggish clouds,
why do you sleep
all hours of the day?
Methinks such a view
as your bed in the skies
would beg you stay awake.

Children of the sky,
how can you be
oblivious to life's reality?
I'll keep the pains
of life on earth
if I maintain my understanding of its beauty.
. . .

I wish to be as the elders of the sky
the guardians of night and day.
The sun, the moon, the army of stars
always guiding my way.

Passionate sun,
how can you burn
with such intensity and never cease?
I wish that I
could love like you
that my flames would never decrease.

Caring moon,
do you not grow tired
ushering me through the dark?
I hope someday
such a spirit in me
can light a broken, darkened heart.

And faithful stars,
steadfast in brotherhood,
does familiarity not breed contempt?
Your undying camaraderie
and united glimmer
exemplifies friendship I could never attempt.


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