Lessons Don’t Belong on a Shelf

 "When life gives you lemons, make lemonaide!"Beginning this year, I thought it was madeBut there were mountains to come.My life lessons were not done. When closse friendships appeared brokenThe doors of my heat were thrust open.Love removed the heavy chainsAnd aided us with our pain.  I want to help others, it's hard to let it be.That is why my best friends needed to warn meRememberr remember that you're important too,Try not to let yourself fade into the blue.You matter too! Take care of yourself!Don't keep your emotios on a shelf.  Lessons mean nothingIf you're still left asking.We must apply themIn order to hemThe many mistakes in our livesSo forgiveness can trump despise. So I keep pressing forward,Throw open the new doors.That is the funny thing about life, Time ticks, regardless of your stride. 

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This is a poem written my junior year of high school as a summary of the year, but also a reminder that hard times are not the end and live gets better as long as we allow people in our lives who help and protect us. 

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