Lessons to be taught.


I look out onto the world,
A broken, world full of hate,
Changing minds and people unsat,

But what would I change? Nothing.


Life is full of hate, but love too,
Life is full of people learning,
People of yearning,
People looking for something better.

Life is full of confusion and hate
Life throws us here,
People hate because of fear,
People learn because they need to.

Life is full of war, 
Life is full of never ending bloodshed,
People need their souls fed,
People need war to see peace is the way.

Life is full of death, but birth too,
Life shows that people die,
People need to learn to not lie,
People are shown they should enjoy their life.

Life is full magic,
Life is full of question,
People are full of progression,
People are full of change.

You sit and ask what I would Change?
Again I say; Nothing
But why? People need to learn something,
They need to learn how succeed,
and you can't succeed unless you bleed.




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