A Lesson Taught is a Life Learned

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 02:06 -- Whitnai


Why do we always forget to love ourselves?

Just because others can't see through our hells

Why is it the good things in life never last?

And things that we want are spells we can't seem to cast

Why do we always wanna go back to the past?

When things we have now we wish they would procrast-

Innate temptation to seek and ask

Well, let me tell you, my friend, how this life works

When it comes to understanding the truths of these quirks

You must realize this curse, that it's making mistakes first

You'll learn from them and discover yourself at your worst

And finally understand that our destiny can't be reversed

Loving yourself you must seek everyone else

And look inside and bring out what you hide

You're the only one who can like you for you

So don't rely on someone else to make you their fool

The past is done it won't ever last

Cuz deep in our conscience we allow the future come fast

Therefore we grow to let go of old mass

You know deep in your heart what you truly want is a good start

But to start is to finish, replenish and keep in good business

Then keep all focus on who you are

Cuz you may lose control and lose that good soul

We don’t appreciate the things that we have

We don't even appreciate the world's other half

The water we drink is right in our sink

And we don't realize it's the reason we blink

So we can look at such a beautiful link

Precious it is the way that we think

Mindset to the best if you put your heart to the test

Your brain aint your cane, quit leanin’ in vain

You gotta learn to maintain this place you sustain

And put yourself in this life like it's just a game






Thank you so much Q'Yara! I'm happy I could make you feel that way in this poem!

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