The Lesson...


“You are beautiful”
That’s exactly what he said
Knowing in the back of his head
He just wanted what was in between her legs
And after this act of pure emotion
He goes back and tell his friends
How she replaced his need for lotion
And everyone in the school will know what “she was about”
Now that nerd rep she had 
Has officially flown south
For the fact that the guy she thought she loved was a jerk
Who took her heart out its safe
And threw it in the dirt
Didn’t this boy know she was celibate at first
And that she was saving herself
For the man she loved first
And this boy was her first
In everything 
He was special, and kind
But that was all just lie
Just to get in between her thighs
And now she walks down the hallways of school
Getting teased and laughed at
Called names that are so cruel
While the jock who took her precious gift
Moves on to the next
She wondering if she even
Has any friends left
For this girl has learned a lesson
That many adults have said
“Never let a beautiful guy
Talk you into bed…” 


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