Lesbian Lover


United States
41° 36' 35.8956" N, 87° 32' 40.308" W

The first woman I ever loved

She definitely came from the heavens above

How else can you be so perfect?

The way you smell

Sometimes you even have those little red and orange hairs

I met you back when I was 13,

 only God knew all the adventures you would bring

I fell for you the very first day,

Now im an addict and I want you in the worst way

A few good hits and im off to the sky

Feet on the ground but in my head my body is oh so high

The only woman that I love next to my mama

You never gave me no lip

Or brought that bullshit drama

My ride or die til the end

Mary Jane you will always be my first

Lesbian lover and my Bestfriend!



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