Legs (Based off Disney's The Little Mermaid)

In every version of my story,

One thing always rings true.

I gave up my fins, and I traded them for legs.

The sand squishes between my toes,

The soft waves lap against my legs.

With them I can dance, I can run and I can still swim.

But swimming no longer feels the same.

I can’t travel the depths of the seas,

I can’t breathe underwater,

No more sunken treasure to seek.

And now the fish swim away from me.


Each day, my legs feel heavier, as does my heart.

The steps become harder,

They weigh more and more each day.

The gravity on land is more weighing on me,


A princess on land, a princess under the water.

But it’s not the same.

Treading land is harder than treading water.

The sand may be warm, the sea may be cold,

But, the sea always tells me what I don’t need to be told.

It tells me I made a mistake.

I may have my voice back,

But I lost what really meant the most to me.

What I used to long for has become my life,

And what used to be my life,

Has become what I long for.

And the question remains,

Were these legs worth it?



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Our world
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