Legal Drug Dealer


My dream job will change my life,

Not just mine, but of those around me.

My dream job is in the medical field And I would be helping people indirectly.

No having to deal with neither blood nor body excretions.

No having to deal with administering medication

Or having to diagnose, treat broken bones, or repair lesions.


A pharmacist doesn’t do what a nurse or doctor does

But has a very important job nonetheless.


A pharmacist is responsible for dispensing meds,

Counseling patients, and preventing drug abuse,

Joining forces with the feds.

A pharmacist assists doctors and nurses in providing better healthcare.

They recommend treatments, compound medications,

And help prevent patients from going into despair.


Being a pharmacist is all about changing lives.

It will change my life and the lives of the people who will depend on me.


Being a pharmacist will help me become the leader I was meant to be.

I would be helping patients make the right decisions concerning medication.

I will be leading the pharmacy staff and helping aspiring pharmacists earn their degree.


On the road to becoming a pharmacist, there are many obstacles

And many years of school ahead.


Becoming a pharmacist requires six years of dedication to achieve a PhD

But with my financial struggle, all I can do is try to get scholarships.

Applying for a scholarship feels like being an apple waiting to be chosen from the apple tree.

Tough classes is another obstacle I will face.

But with the support of my family I can survive anything and reach my goal.

The obstacles I will conquer will become nothing but strands that will interlace

And create the fabric of my future story waiting to be told.


I will not just be a healer,

But dispensing meds under the law,

One can say I will be a legal drug dealer.

A pharmacist is what I want to be.

It’s not just my dream job,

But a dream I must turn into reality.



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