Legacy - observation


Ecclesiastes 2:21 New English Translation (NET Bible)

21 For a man may do his work with wisdom, knowledge, and skill;
however, he must hand over the fruit of his labor as an inheritance
to someone else who did not work for it.
This also is futile, and an awful injustice!


Looking at some of the past presidential families,

thinking they deserved to rule ...


Unequally yoked leadership ... edified for destruction

Oh, Mr. President ... where did you fit in?

As if for your liking without taking instruction

from the Holy Spirit Who was residing deep within?


The sins of your father were coming down on you.

The behavior of your brothers could be justified.

When did you wake up, my son, and gave up compromising?

You knew not the length of days ... that was left in your life.


Your vice-president was a ball and chain hanging on your leg

and you still decided to join him in the next election.

Oh! you needed a break, my friend ... Why did I not beg?

For you to leave the future up to God and to take His direction.



Jan Wienen

This poem is about: 
Our world


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