Thu, 06/27/2019 - 02:50 -- Jovan

I saw my father strung up at the age of five years old 

So don’t you sit here and laugh in my face like suicide a joke 

Cause you don’t see visions of ya daddy purple faced with a wire from his throat 

You ain’t never had to cope wit a traumatized soul

10 years 15 but the night mares never old 

No they never go  

Man I swear to god they never go

I wish I never saw it but ik its set in stone 

So I can’t trip and moan 

Bout my dad not being strong 

Yea I cry when I think about him always being gone

Yea I cry when I think about him never coming home

How supposed love my wife if my dad left his all alone 

When I talk about this subject I get chills up in my bones

How am I supposed to be a man ig I’ll learn it on my own


Yea I’ll learn it own my own so I won’t sit up here and trip 

Yea I’m holding on to life I ain’t loosening this grip

Ion care what he had is in my genetics imma flip that dang srcipt

Imma watch my kids grow up imma make sure they don’t slip

I won’t draw my own blood and let the devil take a sip 

Cause that rope around my neck it don’t ever end it

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My family
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