Left With Nothing


United States
45° 27' 1.0404" N, 93° 34' 59.4588" W

I don't always know the right thing to say,
But I feel inclined to speak out anyway
To define the one thing that can never be understood
Is the real sin: rooting out love where it lay.
And we keep pressing on
To an oppressive song
That will haunt this country until we change
Equality for now is long gone-
They are lesser: an abomination,
Contaminating the nation
Tell me how this is any different than 50 years ago;
We keep denying and hating,
Their lives depreciating
The accusers follow hypocrisy,
Spitting piety with venom
Until they don't remember what they're destroying for.



I have always believed in this cause: gay marriage, so i wanted to express my views in another form. The promotion of love and equality is in our nation's best interest and it couldn't possibly be considered constitutional to deny that right.

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