Left Behind

This poem is about: 
My family
Guide that inspired this poem: 



I was left behind.

Not by a schoolgirl crush,

Or by a beloved pet.


It was much deeper,

It was much harder.

Do you understand?

Have you been left?


First, it was my father,

Then, it was my mother,

Followed by my siblings.


I was left alone

To fend for myself.


It seemed fun at first.

To be on my own,

To take the world on by storm.


But, when daylight is gone,

and all that's left is darkness,

You begin to think more clearly.


It isn't so fun now is it?

Being left behind;

Forgotten, alone, and scared,

Damaged and confused.


Do you understand?

Have you been left?


Because I have,

And I am haunted,

By the thought of not being wanted.

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