Left Behind


The pain pounding

The agony acidic


Burning through

As you suddenly realize

She is no more


She was wild and creative

A spirit unlike any other

A sister, a daughter, a niece

A friend.


16% of them all create a plan.

But she was not part of them all.


Never once was she sad.

Never once did she cry.

Never once.


How could she do this?

How could she leave me behind?

Did she not know? Did she not care?


Strong and independent

Small and spirited

Not once did she let anyone

Look down


No bully would dare

She was respected


A wonderful family.

A good friend.


But then why?


To leave the chance

To play in the rain

To feel the touch of true love

To laugh

To sing

To dance

To live…


To leave it all behind


To leave me behind.


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