Tue, 03/31/2015 - 16:35 -- jimothy

Halt your verbal torment for a brief moment

So that I may regale you on my peerage.

I come from a noble lineage:

Lord William the Hushed, My father

And Lady Elizabeth of the North,

My mother, making me endowed with both German

And Irish ancestry. By virtue of this, I am both

Hearty and hard-headed, handling herculean tasks

With ease. Such ease as to have vanquished many a test,

With only a single shard of lead, to have scared

Many a foe by just rising to my full height,

To have never once been trampled by mere words.

And so, this shall continue to stand unchanged.

Accomplished only because I will not be

Slain by your words, they have no merit!

My maladjusted heart may be malleable,

But that doesn’t mean you may toy with it.

However you do not see the boundaries,

So I shall have to cut you off. Once I am

Done with you, then I commence the severing:

I will just pierce the skin of the lecherous beast—

The leech you have become, and watch as you

Slowly slink away as I start to set right

All of what you have ruined. Then I will be

Recovered and you will be long since departed.

I refuse to let my noble parents down like

You do yours.

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