Leave This Town


I can’t sleep,

My dreams running too deep.

I was born and raised in this town.

I say burn it down!

It’s time for me to make my exit.

Packing my bags tonight.

Before you know it, I’ll be out of sight.

I’m making my descent into a different life.

No more worry, no more strife.


I know that most of you disagree,

But y’all just ain’t me.

Like a bird,

From these prison walls I’ll fly away.

Nothing’s going to stop me, no delay.

When I find my chance,

I’ll snatch it up without a second glance.


Now it’s time to become independent.

All I leave is an emotional pendant,

A token of my gratitude,

For all who lack an attitude toward this unanimous decision.

If I execute it with precision

It’ll be as if I was never here.

And that is music to my ears.



I identify with this poem so I love it


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love a diverse world

its really good

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