And so I told him to go 

Knowing that I would have his child to hold
And that I'd do it by myself and nobody would know 
That I was the reason why my child would grow without a daddy to know. 
And I said leave. 
Cause I'd never allow myself to need him
So close to the edge and and patience was getting too thin
So I allowed him leave me 
And didn't think how it would affect Bre
Cause who was I to take away that young man's dreams
And sometimes I hope that one day he would make it and thank me for the life I gave him
That he was grateful for the sacrifices I made
And how I made him
That he'd come back for me and his baby 
And How'd he wanted me to be his lady 
But he had to make a life for us first think about love later
But now I'm thinking of the life I could have  had 
A great career, Morgan State alumni, and a continuous loving relationship with my mom and dad 
But that's gone and to take its place is my bundle of joy 
A boy 
The only boy would love me and not play me 
Like a toy
So I don't regret a single choice I've made  
cause this baby is the reason for everything I gave up
And he's given me the kind of happiness I'd never trade up
And even if that young man never thinks of me again 
He's given me the most beautiful love I could ever have 
A little child of God and a friend
The opportunity to be a mom and a dad. 
To be his first love and his superhero
To give my son the life I never had
So I'm glad I told him to leave
 and to let me live the life I wanted to lead
And give him the chance to be the man he wanted to be
Cause no matter how hard it was to let him leave
I knew that my life was still going to be full of positivity and possibilities. 
Even if it was to be just me and that baby. 
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