Learning to love

Perhaps the great chasm between who he is and where he's going is an issue best left to his peripheral... All to maintain the pedistel in it's upright highly regarded position and sacred representation of pure intent to love. Why does it have to be one way over another why can't all ways of viewing love and acceptance be accepted? .... Who's to say you can't love more than one person in your life? Who's to say the person you love is only going to love you? Or vice versa? Being able to share your entire existence and multitudes of experiences and show the awkward unequal messy shape that is you .... In the right hands of a another can be a rewarding, powerful, emotional, and spiritual experience... But in the hands of one who has a conflicting ideology .... It can be a hard difficult process .... One that you most likely find yourself navigating around the sharp pointy corners that when you get to much outside your allowed area of existing... You find yourself bouncing out of control, flying into those sharp corners to be pierced straight through your very being.... Because your line of sight, your vision of potential living doesn't coexist with the others.... Finding out it's best to simply dispatch ones self from the hope of being understood and excepted in all facets and aspects of your combined perception of life ... And just simply give all you can into that one thing you love.... Even if it takes a piece of you every day you live..... You do it because you'd rather be in pieces than to see such a substantial amount of love cursed to exist.... Love is a consuming force .... It always takes more from one side than the other.... Each spiritual connection born from the pools of devine light ... Has a darkness that shadows it ... Consuming the waste of the side that slowly parts itself off so that the other may flourish and flower.

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