Learning to Laugh

Hiding in the bathroom, 

plugging my ears to the noise; 

frightening sounds would consume

my imagination. 

Creeping down the hallway, 

family's attention employed

by the telivision's screenplay 

of comedians. 

Peeking over the back of the couch, 

surprised to feel a rush of joy, 

a corrected slouch, 

and bubbled laughter. 

Of all the performers on the world's great stages

none compared to the talent of these actors joined

with the intent of happiness and laughter through presentation

of sketch comedy. 

I was transformed from shy and fearful

to a bolder, kinder, character of poise. 

With jokes that are shot like missiles 

into the stomach and hearts of listeners 

with one goal learned years ago: 

happiness brings out the best in people. 

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