Learning to Fly

Art is like a bird learning to fly

Or learning to ride a bike or read a book - 

One of those skills that, 

once learned, can never be forgotten. 

But first, it must be found.


In the kitchen, surrounded

by the chaos only baking brings

in the spilled flour that everywhere clings

In the fresh cookies, danish, and tarts -

That is art.


Waiting in line at the grocery store, 

watching the way food is bagged

(cans of soup, boxes of cereal, a package of salad)

then carefully rearranged back into your cart -

That is art.


Missing your bus and having to walk all the way home

As the sky above you grows dark and begins to pour

and you rush and stand in the frame of some door

to be treated to a rainbow, the very best part - 

That is art. 


Everyone knows it, 

deep in their soul, 

at their core, 

in their heart -

That is art. 




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