A Learned Lesson

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 10:55 -- SENARL


United States
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I look at my arm and see glowing amber skin
Bright green eyes, curvy figure, long hair and thin lips
Anyone can see that I am mixed within

I am the love child of a black woman and white man
In today's society I am accepted
but back then me and others like me would be ban

During the civil rights movements, my ancestors walked not rode
they rallied not fought, stayed strong while others became weak
While Jim Crow was warm in his bed of hatred, my ancestors were up working to lighten black peoples load

Of segregation? No, but of inequality
no matter the race age or sex
We should treat our brethren justly but there are horror stories of just the opposite

My grandmother told me the story of injustice
“I hate you cuz' your skin is dark”
“You can't vote cuz' your grandaddy couldn't”
They would hide behind their cowardice of words

I sat in her lap burning with fury
a strong resentment towards the lighter half
“Now that ain't what Dr. King taught”
“Kill em with kindness, matter fact bury em in it”

“Love your ebony mother and your ivory father”
“They are halves that make you whole”
Halves that teach the world the lesson of indifference
No matter the race, age, or sex

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