Learn to Grow

Sat, 06/08/2019 - 01:00 -- Kettle

Over the years I’ve come to know

Things like betrayal,

Anger, fear, sadness,

And unbearable heartbreak.

But I’ve also learned how

To overcome it all.

I know unconditional love

And absolute joy

Which I only learned

Because I know

The inverse of each.

I’ve learned to grow from pain,

And live through love.

I’ve grown into

The person I am now

As a result of

The hurdles of life.

But I know I’m not done growing.

I’m not a kid anymore,

But I’m no adult either.

I have much to learn,

And know from within

That I’ll only grow from here.

Trials are to come,

But the end reward is

Far greater - every time.



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