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The super mother— Infinity 

Universe Calls stars 

for the leap of all creatures 

Within individual Paradise 

A long trek of time 

with legs of each season.


Testing taste of power 

in love, faith, and hope 

In the nectar of tide, twist, and turns 

By mist of time 

and guide high ambitions 

Building stringed strength and streak.


Sailing on strong springs

In rare scents of Love’s policy

for more to become 

in wombs of guts 

In light of high-standing days 

In a coach of perfect abundance.


Senses of sponge songs to share 

Chase of time wielding success 

from slices and mince of fail and fall

Single out from dice of discs and sprints

Days and dreams 

enough for all to share. 


Walking in the shadow of a mother 

Standing in steaming transition 

in constant call with Courage’s strolls 

in competitively intimidating quarters 

Cracks of expectations and potential 

on the side of roads to skillful soil and time 


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