A leaf falls, and so does a memory

A single leaf falls

Who are you?

A few more

Wait, no, who are you...where am i?

Sooner or later all the trees are barren and so are the memories


Once a brilliant man...crumbling away

Dust forms in what was once a powerful mind

Brain of wisdom and knowledge...a hint of sass in there

But no one is perfect.

All the facts he once shared with me

I will pass on, because what once was my grandfather…

My pepere, is now just a shadow.

He used to stand in front of me, speak to me but it was only a mirage

He didn’t remember me all the time, he forgot a lot of things

With his wisdom came a hard heart

Coming from a heartless family

We as a new family had to teach him love

Just because he was born without love

Didn’t mean he died without it.

One leaf falls

Who are you?

Just because one forgot doesn’t mean

another will

I never will...

This poem is about: 
My family


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