Le Masque Sécuritaire (The safe mask)




                                     It is said being behind the mask is safe no one can hurt you there.

                             This statement is true i swear,   The mask masks the pain of the unending                                          

                             torturous rain .The world’s loquacious critics strategically find partial flaws

                                 in every well segmented work I create which I look upon in awe.


Suddenly a simple mistake becomes a sharp stake In the back,

Resulting  in a simple yet precise heart attack.

The critics want to have a glimpse of my reaction to have

the satisfaction of  the performance of my worst action.


Is the Exposition of the true self worth the external

destruction or will my soul go under a well needed re-construction?

Is the Exposition of the true self worth the hate or will it simply open

an internal gate ,allowing me to make a revolutionary escape?


The continuous doubt shadows my heart, as I observe newly discovered self

particles making the news articles because a fraction of the world hates different yet it

hates the same, This  indecisiveness inevitabely makes it  hard to please,

Which ends up making me feel as if  I can hardly breathe with ease.


There came a time in my life when I could no longer hide the flamboyant

personality inside which struggled to break free from the mental chains

of others energy. I let it go because frozen said so and that is when 

the negative thoughts consumed me  and i crawled back into my shell.

To the world now im a shy girl but within I know different. 


Behind the Curtain it is certain the mask will allow the tranquility without

the continuous and tedious anxiety, from being ‘plain’ yet not the same.

The mask prevents the heartache, this keeps me sane from not  having an

unfortunate criticized filled day, The mask is just ,simply safe . 



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