Lazy Vibes

Why must I feel so dead, should I even think this way?

No one hears my pleas of desperate desire to be supported, in such an unexpected time.

The death shall wake in me to leap up in the heights, that I've always hoped to achieve.

Life can it not be so unfair to me, the society that I live in wicked and cursed.

Facts but never a solution, statistics yet again adding fuel to the negative stereotypes about my people.

Thoughts that unwind into my deepest sorrow and dreams to overcome them.

Let the legacy of my friend live on inside my heart and out to something great.

Gone sooner than we projected, little did we expect it to be… you.

Take the pain that comes your way and use it to the best of your ability, to become something bigger than yourself.

Everything happens for a reason, never regret what has become of the unknown.


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