Lava Spewed

Fri, 08/16/2013 - 00:43 -- Stenila


Never have I felt this way

As if my thoughts have found their way.

As soon as rhymes begin to flow,

My heart, it feels as light as snow.


When words and thoughts accumulate

My heart, within, 'tis but a state

Of chaos, grand, of tides and storms

Of thoughts that wish to break all norms


And shout aloud, contents of deep

That laid for many years, asleep

Beneath this furnace of a heart

Seeking chance to break apart


The bonds of time and fear, and, wow!

To shoot as high as air allows

Like lava, that, when vents do spew

Come gushing forth to flow anew


And force its fiery message on

All living things it comes upon

To flow, a force of passion, warm,

Intending not, the slightest harm.




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