All around me I hear laughter,

Yet I am not laughing.

They did not hit me, but inside my soul is hurting.

I look whole, but inside I am just a pile of broken pieces

Waiting, hoping, praying

That someday life will be different, brighter, happier.


All around me people are smiling,

But I am not smiling.

Tears roll down my face and hit the pillow like a rock hits a wall.

Nobody knows what it feels like to live in pain and sadness everyday,

But I do, and I long to make it stop;

Dreaming of the day I get to smile and laugh like everyone else.


Every day I work to bring someone happiness,

But I am not happy.

I am strong now, but i was weak.

I have learned from my mistakes.

Being tormented for how you look and act changes you;

It changed me.


Every day I dream of peace,

And every day I work to achieve my dreams.

No one can stop me now.

I have learned to turn their hatred into love,

Their cynicism into compassion,

And now I am the powerful one.


All around me I hear laughter,

And now I am laughing.

Laughing at all those who have no idea how much their disrespect inspired me,

Inspired me to help others and change the world,

One small step at a time.

I never felt the love, but I will work to make sure everyone else does.




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