Last Will and Testament

I, Proxima Centauri
of 424 G-cloud Nebula Road, 
Centaurus Constellation City, 
Solar System
revoke all former wills 
and interstellar dispositions made by me 
and declare this to be 
my last will and testament.
I hereby appoint Helios Sol
to be the sole executor of this will 
and bequeath to Helios Sol
all my atomic and personal property
of hydrogen, of dust, of shine,
whatsoever and wheresoever.
Provided that if Helios Sol predeceases me 
leaving children alive at my explosion,
then I appoint such of those protostars
as have attained the age of 2 billion years 
to be the executors of this will 
and I hand all my atomic and personal property 
to such children who have survived  
and are alive at my collapse
and ensue equal shares of helium 
In witness of which 
I have set my outer layers to this,
at the presumed 4,000°K,
my will this 28th day 
of November, year 6.5 billion.
Signed by the above 
named Proxima Centauri
in our presence
and by us in Mother Universe.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

unique way of expression

i like how you use the solar system in connecting to your personality, and thoughts

very creative


I'm very honored to have you read this poem -- It's one of my favorites so far! I have a deep attachment for the stars and the universe so it's a common theme of mines within my poetry. Thanks again for the comment!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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i have a deep attachment with the harsh realities of the world we live in

i explore outside of that immediate surrounding by evolving myself to new experiences

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