Last time.

I was walking, alone down the road.

Last time i was walking down this road it was with you.

I'm listing to music, our song is on.

Last time i listed to this song was the day we broke up. 

Why am i even walking down memory lane?

Last time i heard this was with you and you ex.

I know the pain you felt, its happened to me.

Last time i will ever spoke your name was to tell my mother what a great guy you are.

I just wanna be with you, alone, back to the old times.

Last time we hugged was when you told me you ¨Loved¨ me

I guess its about time to move on from our past.

But this will not be the last time i walk down memory lane.

I love you.

This is the last time i will say it, so take it in.

Walk down memory lane with me.

One last time.

Darling, i really do love you.


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