Last Thursday Night

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 20:41 -- Khirsty

He made her uncomfortable.

Not uncomfortable in the sense that his presence was not desired,

But uncomfortable because she couldn’t quite fathom or accept the idea that someone else could want her in the way he did.

She was uncomfortable in her own skin.

The way he looked at her.

He’d lock eye contact with her while he complimented her and spoke to her in ways that made her stomach flutter and her face blush.

And in his eyes she saw something more than lust.

She could feel it was more.

And that realization made her body feel so at ease that it would, without conscious effort, relax into his grasp.

And she stared back into his gaze.


Her body seemed to be confident in the presence of this man but her mind was in a jumble. She felt anxious but couldn’t pin point a source of her anxiety ceasing an opportunity for mitigation.


Why does her encounter with him make her…nervous?

She thought about it for a moment when he looked at her, but his kiss made all of her thoughts melt away.

During the duration of the kiss, all she could do was feel his passion.

As their lips meshed together, she wrapped her arm around his neck and he whispered sweet words into her ear that made body even more lax…

But it also added to her anxiety.

Why did this feel so good?

So normal?

Yet still so nerve-wracking?


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