The last maybe.

Fri, 09/25/2015 - 13:32 -- kfloyd

The days have grown longer following

your absence..

And i feel trapped in this skin

You left me in

We used to be close

Now, in my house

Your name is unknown

Like a skeleton to bone

No life.

And it's a shame that with

Every song, every laugh

Every memory of the past

Is gone.

Erased, deleted, out of existance

This was a slaughter no one could have witnessed.

If they just paid attention,

Maybe sat back and listend

They would all understand 

The pain 

Expolding in my vains

When I hear your name. 

The love i have won't leave my body. 

It's built its own fucking nest

Deep in my heart.

And I can't remove it,

Without killing myself.

Mabye thats the best way to go. 

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