last break

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 11:29 -- BitaM


the steps we take,

one by one,

so that when we're older we can have a break,

have a drink sit back and relax,

cause when we're all young we gotta break our backs,

for success and money,

people running for their dreams,

but giving up,

we must never stop,

the steps we take,

one by one,

will lead us to the top,

once we're old we can lay

think back to all the memries we've made,

see that all we've done is work,

we've forgotten how to make our own fates,

forgoten to live life free and with our own purks,

how to do things in our own rates, 

we must never stop,

cause the steps we take,

one by one,

will be our last break.


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