Larvatus Prodeo (Masked, I advance)

Every morning we wake up and turn to our night stands

We see a mask lying there and put it on 

Maybe it's a different one, maybe it's the same but either way

We put on our masks and say "Masked, I advance"

Sometimes we even forget to take our masks off at night

So we end up with layers and layers of masks until

One day we start to rip them off but don't know when to stop

Because we don't remember if the next face is ours 

Or just another mask

We cover ourselves up everyday

So as not to offend, disappoint, or embarrass

Right now I am ripping off a mask so I can say

I am guilty of this, I too wear layers and layers of masks

But what would happen if I woke up one morning

And left my mask on the nightstand 

Then got in the shower and washed off all of my other masks

What would the world see

Would they see all the ugliness, the depression, the insecurity

Would they accept me for who I really am

Maybe I need to stop hiding and worrying about what everyone thinks

Maybe I need to finally engrave it in my brain that


I want to wake up one day and look at myself in the mirror and say

Unmasked, I advance





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