A Larger Whole


The string binds with my fingertips to create its imprint on me

The sound of the bow at first touch to the bridge creates a rasp that’s unpleasant to the ears

I feel the weight press down onto my shoulder 

My violin has become an extension of myself 

The weight of the bow on the string shifts through the motion of my forearm

My arm moves back and forth like an inner game of tug o war.

The smell of fresh cut wood floods my senses 

Rosin flies off of the horse hairs and into the air creating a powdery smoke

The glare of the stage lights flash into my eyes

Heads turn when the full orchestra’s pizzicato combines to sound like one

Each individual becomes part of a larger whole

The dynamics spring from piano to mezzo forte 

And everything comes together in one beautiful melody

The tune comes to an end and the audience claps their hands together until their palms begin to ache

They fly up into a standing ovation with bright smiles plastered across their faces

We take our bows and exit

I show you this marvelous moment from the confines of my home

I see the joy beaming out of you

The same joy that’s with you when you play piano 

And when I sing

And when our musicality crosses into a beautiful duet

You are the reason I make music 

I get that from you

I wish you could see me play in person

Because I’d be playing for you

Dedushka, I love you.


This poem is about: 
My family


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