Sun, 10/04/2015 - 15:08 -- etalate

When people talk about
Unrequited love
They will tell you how much
It hurts
To feel boundless love
For someone
Who does not feel
The same
How it feels to rip
Yourself apart
For someone who will watch you
Destory yourself
And do absolutely nothing
To help
They will see you
Fall into
A hypnotic daze as you
Love them
And they will be standing
There, uncomfortable
Trying so hard to avoid your
Desolate gaze
But you'll be blind to their
Cold indifference

When was the last time
Someone talked
About what it feels like
To watch
Someone destroy themselves
In front of you
To watch the pieces of someone
Blow away
In the wind and eventually
Crumble away
To know that you are
A god
In someone's eyes
How they
Idolize you and put you on
A pedestal

Do you know what
It's like
To fall asleep at night
Knowing that
You are the reason someone
Is broken
To know that someone is a
Different person
Because of how
You feel
Or I should say how you
Did not feel
Because to tell you
The truth
It fucking sucks

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