This Land Was Made For You and Me

I am a minority

You watch me cry

all my dreams...they're just a lie

you crush my heart and watch me die

I am a minority

forced to keep my eyes toward the sky

I see potential, I see the prize

you see my skin and all the lies

I will never be great, 

I am a dollar short and a day too late

I want to free myself from pain and hate

but you watch me squirm

you watch me break




and hurt, whose to wipe my tears

when my fingers are covered in dirt

my eyes are tired

weeping tears caused by the world

I am a woman now, no longer mommy's little girl

I am alone in the world

my breaks

I have to struggle to greatness, even if my soul shakes

my peers laugh and watch me cry

wiping drops of blood from beside my eyes

I am loneliness

my love is forgotten

this world consumes me.

from screams, cries, whips and cotton

to oppression, depression, obsession and 

persecution...being downtrodden

my people are strong

no longer will we cry

my people are strong

no longer will we die

this is our world too longer will we hide!


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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