the Land of "freedom"

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United States
33° 36' 25.8732" N, 112° 23' 36.1824" W
United States
33° 36' 25.8732" N, 112° 23' 36.1824" W
United States
33° 36' 25.8732" N, 112° 23' 36.1824" W

She smiles every time she's with her family

In the country where dreams come true

Or where they're suppose to

Yet her parents dreams haven't come since they're arrived here in the USA

The land of freedom, that what it's suppose to be

Yet, where is their freedom?

No, it's because they're immagints they don't have this freedom

It's not like they did anything wrong

They were brought here as innocent children, many immagrints were

Yet, why do we see them being surrounded, forcefully taken out of their homes

As if they were wild savage animals

Right in front of their children who cry out for their parents

"Mommy, Mommy, don't take Mommy" 

"Daddy, Daddy, Don't take Daddy!" 

These cries of dispair so clearly heard are ignored 

Deportation, supposedly to keep the land of freedom safe, but from who?

People who came to have a chance for a new life?

These colors of red, white and blue, the colors of freedom, on that beautiful flag

Do they mean anything anymmore?

Not every immagrint is a drug lord, or a criminal

No, some are just kids, brought here to live a better life

How can they live a better life when not even the land of the free would accept them?

"All men are creatured equal" is a lie in the land of freedom

"LIfe, Liberty and the persuit of happiness" Why can't they be allowed to have this?

Can't a child have a chance for freeom? 

Why are they not allowed to build a new better life?

It's because these men, that were created euqual, are immagints, Illegal aliens in the eyes of the land of freedom


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