"The Land Of The Free"

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 04:29 -- Zethres

A knock on the door late at night

An unexpected guest

Terrible circumstances

And an uninviting host


The guest is asking for simple things

A corner to sleep in

Perhaps a glass of water

A shelter from the rain


The host scorns

"Have you not read the sign?

You're not welcome here

Turn away out of my sight"


The guest tries to plead

"It won't be for long

Just one night is fine

I can even sleep next to the trash"


The host doesn't budge

The guest has to go back

Under the freezing rain

The host waits until he's far away


The sign next to the door reads

"The land of the free,

Everyone gets a chance"

And right underneath

In a very small print


"Cisgender straight

White Americans only

Anyone else is not welcomed"

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My country
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Jan Wienen

Reality ... thanks

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