Land of the free?

If this is the land of the free

where is the equality?

that was supposedly promised to me

when the 13th, 14th, and the 19th amendment was passed

this land is never truly free if you really look at the 13th amendment from the beginning to the last


The words that are placed in the 13th amendment

that suck the hope from my spirit are the words

“except as punishment for a crime”

so at any given time if I don’t watch myself

I could be put away


But the world says thats okay because you guys have come a long way

have we?, because according to my updated economics book

women and men still don’t have equal pay  

if this is the land of the free

where is the equality?


I can’t control the fact that I was born with pigment in my skin

so why did I hate myself when I was ten?

and if they tell an even amount of history

then why do I have to register for an elective class

to solve the mystery of the truth

so I can learn about my culture, so I can teach the youth

because they won’t learn everything in their core class that they need to pass

if this is the land of the free

where is the equality?


Why are people of color being ripped from their

traditions being told that english is a necessity

and if you can’t speak it properly then

you might as well leave

if this is the land of the free

where is the equality?


                                      This type of poison affects my family

because regardless of how many times I tell my young niece,nephew, and cousin

that they have a purpose, they have a hard time

believing me because America subtly tells them that they’re

not worth it

                                             if this is the land of the free

                                                  where is the equality?


Because I’m tired of being overlooked,

a joke,  judged before I even speak, and being told

that because I’m a black woman I’m weak

feeling as if somethings wrong with me because

some black men are taught to hate everything about where they originate from

so they don’t date black women and

label it as a preference


and it makes the black girls heart numb

meaning it has no feeling

and because of that

we’re sassy, with a bad attitude

with no manners, and  rude

no, we’re beautiful and although

there’s no equality in the land of the free

we can change this world piece by piece


we can continue to strive and succeed

because a little representation is all that we need

it’s all it takes for a girl to see a dream

and know that it can come true

regardless of the fact that she, that we

all people of color, especially females

have to ask ourselves time and time again

or every now and then

if this is the land of the free

where is the equality?

 -Dani M

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Woah. Great poem.


Thank you, I appreciate it.


Thank you, I needed this poem. 


no thank you, it means a lot to know that my poem touched you in a positive way.

Hells angel

I love this poem it flows well and clearly shows emotion good job


Thank you I was very emotional in the process of writing so it means a lot that you can see that.


I really love this poem!! It really spoke out to me and it's the first poem I read since coming on this site, so it's a great start!!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem and comprehend everything it's truly appreciated, and excuse the late response this is my first time seeing this. 

Newborn Leader

This was very emotional to me. I had a friend who began to cut before she killed herself, said that pain was like a drug-the only thing left in the world that can numb her from all the negative comments. It's not fair to live in a land that's supposedly free. This really touched me on a deep level, I am very thankful that you wrote this poem!  


That's what I wrote it for I'm speaking to those who understand that America isn't all it's hyped up to be I'm glad that my words touched you and I'm sorry for your loss thank you for taking the time out to read my poem and share your story with me, and please excuse my late response this is my first time seeing this.


Your poem was very moving. I'm truly enlightened by the words you've presented; Just by sharing them, you are making a difference in the world- and you will. <3


Thank you that means a lot for you to say that just from reading a poem I wrote. My goal is to make a change in this world so again thank you I can express enough how appreciative I am for your kind words, and excuse the late response this is my first time seeing this. 


I absoultley love your poem. As a young black female, I understand and go through and see for myself all of the false-teachings and belitting.  


I'm glad you can identify with it being black and a woman simultaneously in America can be frustrating at times but we must persevere thank you for reading



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