Land of the Divided

We are a land of the United,

Of Justice and Freedom, 


Yet, here we are--the most divided of them all.


Going day by day, 





Where is the love?


Going day by day, 

Can you not hear her cry?
Of our beautiful mother Earth that has lived through all this torment throughout her life?


Can you not see your child?
How she is holding hands with another of...

A different race?

A different religion?

Or, of the same gender?


Why is it that you cast her away?
Refusing to look at her face?


How can you look into your reflection and not see a stranger?


Back in a distant past, 

We were once United

We were once Justice,

We were once Freedom.


Yet here we are with shackles of supposed rights and wrongs. 

Here we are, as we hear that global warming is a lie,

Here we are as an important leader of:

And Freedom,


Tell us that we must be divided,

That we must hate those that are different,


Can you not hear her cry?


America, how can you look into your reflection and not see that...


you are nothing, but a stranger to the eyes of others?






This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


Chiara Crosby

I usually post poems in other websites: 

Google+ and Facebook under the name of Axel Kimiko, 


(also have another account with that name, but forgotten the password and figured it'd be nice to start fresh--no I haven't posted anything in the contest under that name either!)

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