Tue, 08/16/2022 - 08:51 -- elwhite

 At home I sit

Thoughts running through my head

Tomy filled with troubles

Yet I'm supposed to be free in his presence

I can't even figure out what I'm doing here


Is it actually for her or because I want to be

I mean.......

I've lost myself holding unto nothing

Yet my grip is so tied

As though a lion strangling it prey

My energy is drained


Why am I even talking to myself

Where are my truss

Those shoulders I was suppose to lean on

Or where they here cause they needed my


I know I am sometimes a spice to some

Garnishing their life with good gifts

But all I hoped for was a bid of what I give

I guess I'm not altruistic after all

But is there anyone who is

Yet I feel as though I'm at the jury

My fate is being decided - though I know not by who

I guess my conscience is holding me to bay

Is this self realization......

Wake me up..................... please

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