Lament of Love


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Days like this
When I am alone,
Sometimes I wish to be alone.

The tears the sadness
All in one
Things will change
Something must be done.

Lust to Love Love to Lust
What is the difference
There isn't much

The torment of the word that is meant to bind
Nothing of interest would stab you from behind

The temprature is zero
Negative to be exact
The four letter being
Responsible to this act

I reach out to touch
But A soldier within
Guard the Palace of what is left,

Depression is Silent
But IT is deadly
The evil beings that breath slight but heavy

On the way up a slippery fold
Simple to follow
Difficult to hold

Happy I manage that plain old way
The more I follow
The more dark is day

My mind plays tricks
My heart knows all
How much longer until I fall

IT stares at me
I have reached the top
I smile as if I would skip and hop

A frown abroad
My dimpled face
And next
The fall to a mysterious place

The dark surrounds
The mind of gallore
The memories I own
The happiness I died for

And now I am no more
While the Lament of Love
Fools all who hopes for.

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