Mon, 09/23/2013 - 00:24 -- Alyss


Remember those summer spring days catching ladybugs in the grass.

And all the memories that just seem to pass. 

We get older. 

Seasons colder.

So now were have all the ladybugs gone.

We'll  grow up,

Yet we'll still search

For the little ladybugs in the grass.

Next year comes but not the same

It isn't the same picture in that perfect little frame.

Maybe we shouldn't have caught them

The grasses gems

We don't find as many now

We don't know how

To get back those summer spring days

Those hot days in may

 When we would all play

 With the little ladybugs

We'll come back anthor day maybe

Things will be the same

Things change time goes

Fewer and fewer ladybugs to find I suppose 

Were did all the ladybugs go

This years snow isn't to bad

But thank for the memories though.


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