The Lady In My Life

You stole my heart for keeps, never again to bring it to my existence. The mere sight of you left me in a trance, I had become paralyzed with love all over. This life of mine as I knew it to be had suddenly stood still, no sounds, nothing held my gaze but the woman before me. She was beautiful, my God she was and still is an angel hoisted on silk wings, golden halo shining in my life. Her wisdom, her words, her sincerity I could never let go of. No matter the barriers that stand before me, the universe crumbles them with the swipe of the unknown. We always seem to meet somewhere in the middle, cause either of us coming or going to the space of now isn't what we're made of. We are two beautiful beings with a bond we know can't be found in just anyone. It is unbreakable, can never again be duplicated. Believe me, I've tried to look elsewhere when the calling of your name no longer produced an answer. Still, my heart called for you, yearned, longed. There's a fire in me I never want to cool. The flame burns even hotter every time I think of you. This is beyond sexual, cause that's just a bonus. I long for the heart that keeps you around. Sometimes I wonder if I stole your heart, but then I look down at these palms of mine......


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